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Actions over words, and words over thoughts.

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Santa Monica Beach.

Time: 6:11 pm

Brightly as the sun shines, even at the end of this day. it’s job is to bring light to the world; to the people of the world. To the faces of the people of the world; to the spirits of the faces of the people of the world. Casting such a luminous reflection on the ocean I gaze at, what this fiery ball of energy does to each individual person on the beach is different, but special in every way.

Infants playing in the sand, each grain representing a different struggle one had to overcome to be able to sit at this beach in peace, in unity, in love. Sandcastles and classic memories are made, love is pronounced, calming spirits are set free, all at the same instant. As a breeze blows my chaotic curls out of my face, it also blows away my worries, my insecurities, my doubts and fears of the world.

Families spend quality time needed with each other while they can. A daughter clings to her father, in hopes of never letting go. Never contemplating that he will let her down; he will always be there for her. Behind those icy blue eyes, deep within her soul; behind the rock hard walls that she will put up in the years to come so no one can get too close, except her father, shows her true self: A daddy’s girl.

In a world filled with simplistic ideologies, the same world that this sun illuminates day in and day out. The same world that holds the most breathtaking beaches that all do the dame thing: Bring peace and tranquility to the heart. 

Grains of sand between my toes, exfoliating the bottoms of my feet. Here, there are no issues, no drama, no conflicts. As simple as one’s life can get is at the beach. Myself and the tranquil sounds of waves rushing into each other over and over again. The warming sun against my skin, bringing color to my cheeks and toes. And the sand, the never ending sand that speaks for itself, without having to say a word at all.